Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Abort or Not To Abort.....Obama Answers the Question

As a introduction to this topic of abortion and many other issues that may be discussed on this blog...I just want to say thanks "Anonymous Groupie" for your recent comment about President Obama's stance on Abortion .vs Genocide.....While here at Obama Groupie we are full supporters of the President we also are on a quest to educate ourselves on the political process, issues that affect us and our peers and in no way will we be tooting the Obama horn if it is not well deserved.

I encourage all readers to make comments and raise questions so that together and separately we can continue to expand our knowledge about the viewpoints of our leadership. If at any point you have a tip, comment or suggestion we encourage you to contact us at

I personally don't agree abortion is a appropriate birth control method or a blanket solution for irresponsible adults. However, I don't judge and I believe that the decision to have a abortion or "terminate a pregnancy" is a individual choice that the government should have NO hand in. Situations vary and you can't expect your government to dictate every detail of your life. This is America! The home of the FREE and I want to continue to be the only one that can determine what occurs with my body and my babies to come.

Below is a clip of Obama summing up his opinion on abortion, which I support.

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