Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Grab up a group of kids from your family and make sure you do not miss out on this years Easter Egg Roll at the White House which will be held April 13, 2009, 8am -2pm. I attended last year and it was quite the event, and with Obama now being in office and the father of two little ones I can't even imagine. The Event is free BUT trying to battle the masses to get tickets is the challenge.


Hey Groupies!

Check out this awesome video

Change from Damian Steinberg on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The White House has begin circulating information for their available internship opportunities. March 22, 2009 is the quick approaching deadline! So if you know anyone you would benefit from this opportunity Pass along the goodness!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Test your Obama Knowledge here with Obama jeopardy


President Barack Obama has ignited a spirit of service amongst the American people!
If you are still unaware of how you can involve yourself below you can get your self signed up on Obama's service site that will allow you to be in the loop on all of the service initiative in your community.


MY OH MY! .... *Update*

Here is the statement issued from Barnes and Noble....im not enthused nor convinced by the response......

"Barnes & Noble would like to publicly apologize for what happened in our Coral Gables, Florida store. We believe that a customer played a cruel joke and placed an inappropriate title in the front window of our store, where we were featuring books written by or about President Obama. We want to assure our customers that the book placed by someone other than our booksellers was never intended to be included in our display and was removed as soon as we became aware of the situation. We are looking into it and are taking the steps necessary so that it does not happen again. From time to time customers will move titles from one area of the store to another. In this particular case, we do not condone whatever message may have been intended with the placement of this title in our Presidential display. It certainly was not part of our merchandising and we regret that we didn’t see the placement of this title immediately."

Mary Ellen Keating, Spokesperson
Barnes & Noble, Inc.


Happy Tuesday Groupies!!!
So it has come to my attention that Barnes and Noble has joined the group of Ignorant people who have yet to grasp the idea that with or without them CHANGE is occurring!
The Coral Gables, FL location had the below picture as a recent window display......mmmmm
They are so on the BAN list now!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Abort or Not To Abort.....Obama Answers the Question

As a introduction to this topic of abortion and many other issues that may be discussed on this blog...I just want to say thanks "Anonymous Groupie" for your recent comment about President Obama's stance on Abortion .vs Genocide.....While here at Obama Groupie we are full supporters of the President we also are on a quest to educate ourselves on the political process, issues that affect us and our peers and in no way will we be tooting the Obama horn if it is not well deserved.

I encourage all readers to make comments and raise questions so that together and separately we can continue to expand our knowledge about the viewpoints of our leadership. If at any point you have a tip, comment or suggestion we encourage you to contact us at obamagroupie@gmail.com

I personally don't agree abortion is a appropriate birth control method or a blanket solution for irresponsible adults. However, I don't judge and I believe that the decision to have a abortion or "terminate a pregnancy" is a individual choice that the government should have NO hand in. Situations vary and you can't expect your government to dictate every detail of your life. This is America! The home of the FREE and I want to continue to be the only one that can determine what occurs with my body and my babies to come.

Below is a clip of Obama summing up his opinion on abortion, which I support.


Good Morning Groupies!!!
Ahem hem....last night last night!!! President Barack Obama was SO AMAZING!!!
President Obama walked in looking refreshed and vibrant receiving more applause then I ever recall from the peers of the President. At first I was warmed and encouraged by the applause that the man I believe in so strongly to impact not just America but the world in the greatest way I have ever seen to be getting such a response. As time went on however it became apparent to me that it was even much more then that. The extreme admiration and courtesy he received was a very honest reflection that those in Congress must also embody they exact same feelings that many of us do. When I saw these political figures standing the bulk of the speech I just got this whole inauguration day vibe again. The standing ovations for President Obama symbolizes to me that this will be no lazy administration. A charge has been placed on all of us to be active in some way. So get on your feet! Be active! Make a impact!
The renewed faith and confidence that President Barack Obama is able to spread amongst Americans is MARVELOUS!!! I beyond appreciate his consistent Positivity! It is believeable and reafirming.

The respect and genuine high esteem that he holds his wife too and that she reciplicates is something that I also appreciate Obama and Michelle for setting the standard.

"The weight of this crisis dosen't determine the destination of this nation"
"This is America, we don't do what's easy, we do what is neccessary"

Continue to keep President Barack Obama in your prayers Groupies!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top Priority!

Im really glad that President Obama is taking a active role in improving the lives of those affected by the genocide in Darfur. While in college I had the opportunity to meet a few of the Lost Boys of Sudan and it really hurt my heart to hear the stories of these young men who were ripped away from there homes and had their families killed. Even now that they are in America the "provisions" made by the past administration were still far from anything to boast about!

Educate yourself about this situation if you havent already! There are a number of organizations that do a great work in providing assistance to survivors of this tragic occurrence. Obama is one man he cant change everything without our help!

Below I have provided a link to a recent chat that George Clooney had with Mr. Biden

Yesssss Obviously President Obama was all over the issue even before he lived in the White House!
Best quote of the whole video "As President of the United States I don't plan to abandon people or turn a blind eye to slaughter"


Tonight at 9pm President Barack Obama will be speaking on ....what else but our economic issue! Tune in to find out what exactly he is working on to get Americans out of this ridiculous money melt down.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Enthusiast, true believer, hopeful individual who approaches politics with a fresh new perspective. Admirer of the courage and integrity demonstrated by such a pioneer of greatness and achievement. Barack Obama embodies all the attributes of a Leader
This isn’t your grandmothers government this is a New approach New leadership New way of handling politics. Are you ready to be front row for change? Of course you are!
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