Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Good Morning Groupies!!!
Ahem hem....last night last night!!! President Barack Obama was SO AMAZING!!!
President Obama walked in looking refreshed and vibrant receiving more applause then I ever recall from the peers of the President. At first I was warmed and encouraged by the applause that the man I believe in so strongly to impact not just America but the world in the greatest way I have ever seen to be getting such a response. As time went on however it became apparent to me that it was even much more then that. The extreme admiration and courtesy he received was a very honest reflection that those in Congress must also embody they exact same feelings that many of us do. When I saw these political figures standing the bulk of the speech I just got this whole inauguration day vibe again. The standing ovations for President Obama symbolizes to me that this will be no lazy administration. A charge has been placed on all of us to be active in some way. So get on your feet! Be active! Make a impact!
The renewed faith and confidence that President Barack Obama is able to spread amongst Americans is MARVELOUS!!! I beyond appreciate his consistent Positivity! It is believeable and reafirming.

The respect and genuine high esteem that he holds his wife too and that she reciplicates is something that I also appreciate Obama and Michelle for setting the standard.

"The weight of this crisis dosen't determine the destination of this nation"
"This is America, we don't do what's easy, we do what is neccessary"

Continue to keep President Barack Obama in your prayers Groupies!!!!

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